Alicia Machado – 1996 Miss Universe

Alicia Machado – 1996 Miss Universe

Alicia Machado Miss Universe naked

Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado, beautiful nude body. The Venezuelan actress was Miss Universe 1996.

It’s reported that in 1996 Miss Universe organisation president Donald Trump called her an “eating machine”

For 20 years, Alicia Machado has lived with the agony of what Donald J. Trump did to her after she won the Miss Universe title: shame her, over Ever since Hillary Clinton cited her in Monday’s debate, the 1996 Miss Universe has been widely written about and has made numerous TV Former " " said she cried when she heard Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton talk about her during the Tags: alicia, machado, Alicia Machado : Noticias, fotos Últimas noticias, fotos, videos y chismes de .

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