Ainett Stephens

Ainett Stephens

Ainett Stephens - beautiful nipples

In 2005, she posed nude for the Fox Uomo magazine’s calendar edition, and also began hosting the Real TV television program for Italia 1. In 2006, she further increased her popularity by starring in the television broadcast of Il Mercante in fiera (lit. The Merchant of the Fair), co-starring with Pino Insegno, and posing nude in Controcampo magazine’s calendar edition.

She also hosted the television quiz show Azzardo The Match with Daniel Bossari, and in 2008, hosted the third season of Tintoria on Rai Tre with Taiyo Yamanouchi. In the summer, she co-hosted the Circo Massimo Show with Stefano Nones Orfei.

i'm pretty sure the 'crazybabe' pics are not her unless it's pretty old stuff and she had minimum 3 operations after that to get to todays look Ecco il calendario della gatta nera Ainett Stephens, un dodici scatti bollente che mostra, quasi senza veli, le curve della bella showgirl venezuelana Kelly Andrews: Rachel Stevens: Vikki Blows: Kylie Minogue : Contadine Svizzere: Lavazza Calendario 2010: Campari Calendario 2010: Dieux du Stade Tags: hallo, italia, Enrico Ricciardi Photographer Enrico Ricciardi lavora a Milano nel campo della fotografia pubblicitaria. Numerose le sue collaborazioni con personaggi molto noti ed amati del panorama

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