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Danielle Gamba, American model and dancer of Italian and Spanish descent see the sexy Nude video of Danielle stripping She was winning the “Hometown Honey” competition at FHM magazine for three consecutive months. Danielle Gamba – black lingerie Danielle Mackey king of nerds nude King of the Nerds: Danielle Mackey Movies, TV and Entertainment How can she be "King" when she's a woman? Also, whoa, but this triggers the creepy factor. Danielle is a gamer and YouTube vlogger. Danielle Mackey. 46 pages on this wiki. Add New Page King of The Nerds Wiki is a Fandom TV Community. related: danielle, Is the pink hair girl King of the pink hair girl is is a gamer, game reviewer I saw a nerd with 2 hot hot girls in Burger king? Caption: Still of in King of the (2013) Movie: King of the Actors: Date: 17 January 2013. About