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Laila Ali American Gladiators’ Hosts

Laila Ali American Gladiators’ Hosts

Laila Ali and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan are co-hosting NBC’s championship series ‘American Gladiator

Laila Ali is the beautiful daughter of Muhammad Ali.

Ali was participant in the television show Dancing with the Stars with professional dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2007. They came in third place in the competition.

She has joined Vaseline’s new ‘Skin is Amazing’ campaign, sharing her secrets to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin: “Her number one tip for great skin, drink a lot of water!”

Laila Ali American Gladiators’ Hosts

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American athlete Laila Ali, born December 30, 1977, in Miami Beach, Florida, is the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. In her own career (1999-2007), she defeated some of the most prominent names in women's With Hulk Hogan, Laila Ali, Alex Castro, Al Kaplon. Remake of the syndicated TV 1989's American Gladiators. Contestants face the Gladiators in games for Amaria (born December 30, 1977) is a retired undefeated professional boxer Tags: laila, american, Laila Ali boxing | Fightingology Amaria is a former professional boxer who has held several titles in her fighting career. She was born on 30th December 1977 in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. She is the daughter