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Fetish latex model Bianca Beauchamp

Fetish latex model Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca “Stephanie” Beauchamp is a Canadian fetish model. She had her first sexual experiences with both genders at age 15 and is bisexual. In the summer of 2006, Bianca announced the release of her first official book about her modelling career photographed by Martin Perreault. The book titled Bianca Beauchamp – Fetish Sex Symbol contains 208 color pages and focuses on Bianca’s career as a latex fetish model.

She lost weight in her efforts to become a model, which reduced her breast size to a saggy 32B. She underwent breast augmentation surgery to return to her original 34C size. She got breast implants a second time to increase her cup size to a DD.

Latex Catsuit auf Maß, wie auch Latexkleidung zu fairen Preisen aus chloriertem Latex im Futurefetish Latex Shop passgenau kaufen. Fetish modelling covers a wide range of fetishes, including those involving bondage, latex, corsets, even wedgies, tattoo/body piercing, shoes, thin photos & videos. Tags: bianca, beauchamp,

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